OpenSearch forum leaderboard


Hello Everyone

We appreciate each and every one of you who come to the forum. Whether you ask questions, give answers, read topics, give and receive likes on your topics and posts, or plenty of other actions - we wanted a way recognize that. The leaderboard should be a fun way to see how your actions stack up over time.

How do the points work?

Description score
When you receive a like on your topic or follow up reply 2
Give a like to another community member’s topic or reply 1
You provided input on a topic, and your post is marked as a solution 10
You invite a colleague to the community and they sign up 10
Every hour of time spent reading 1
Every one hundred posts you read 2
You create a topic 3
You reply to a post with an answer 3
You found something that needs Admin/Moderator attention, and flag a post and that flag is accepted by a staff user 5
Every day a user visits the site 1

Let’s all make sure you’re all getting credit where credit is due for your many forms of contribution here.

As always, we’re open to suggestions and changes. If we want to change the scores given for these different actions, post a comment and let’s discuss as a community.

Thanks for being here.

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Oh SURE. You just wanted your face at the top of every page load. :rofl:


:rofl: no - I’d prefer if someone else went past me to that spot!

So - I’ve found a way to get some of us off the leaderboard, which makes me happy. Admins are here to help, here to make sure we have a good experience, and work to build community.

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