OpenSearch Dashboards Logo feels wrong

I recognize that this is a style opinion, and thus very subjective. However the OpenSearch Dashboards logo just feels wrong to me.

Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 15.33.53

IMO it would be better to just drop the “Dashboards” and leave it as simply “OpenSearch”. I wanted to bring it up here for discussion before raising an issue on GitHub.

Does anyone else have an opinion one-way or the other?


I agree, the “dashboards” part makes sense in the repo level, less on the UX level.

The loading page just says “OpenSearch”, no “Dashboards”
Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 18.18.51

Thanks for bringing this up, @robcowart and @amitai - I’m hoping to address this as part of this issue: [Enhancement] Redesign global header · Issue #569 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards · GitHub - I’m going to go ahead and reference this post there as well.

My two cents here (take or leave, I’m just a user with a PoV on this issue):

I think we need to say “Dashboards” somewhere in the UI. From a perspective of helping someone use the software, it’s good to reinforce the names of the pieces to be more accurate.

For example, a user comes to the forum and says “OpenSearch is giving me an HTTP status 500” vs “OpenSearch Dashboards is giving me a HTTP status 500” - the former could be ambiguous if we don’t reinforce the name but the latter gives a lot more information.

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@kvngar I just commented on your ticket. I really like this…


It would be a return to something closer to the earlier 7.x Kibana releases. This was IMO much better than the later 7.x versions which added the useless search box and real estate wasting top bar to contain it. It also addresses my comments above.

Personally I feel that Kibana evolved in a styling direction more like a web page than a web application. In many ways I preferred Kibana 5.x (visualizations had a more appealing color palette than 6.x and later). My biggest complaint is the ever increasing excess of whitespace. It is my experience that users buy big monitors to get more information on the screen, NOT to have it wasted with excessive whitespace. Anything that can be done to OpenSearch Dashboards to win back screen real estate for data and information would be a big improvement.

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I understand your point @searchymcsearchface, however it seems that such clarity is ensured in plenty of places…



@robcowart Incidentally, your last screenshot for “Overview” is where i’d like to see the OpenSearch Dashboards logo to be moved to.

Do you have any opinions regarding breadcrumbs? I think the second bar was added in order to accomodate breadcrumbs on the left and contextual actions for plugins on the right (e.g. save, updated, edit, share, etc), as well as their “Spaces” switcher (equivalent to Tenets in security today)

Traditionally, we’ve had breadcrumbs below the bar, as part of the plugin header, instead of the header bar.

I think that makes a lot more sense.

Regarding breadcrumbs, the only place I have used them is in some of Kibana’s other apps (mostly X-Pack related), which have more nested pages. For something like Dashboards or Discover there doesn’t seem to be any need.

BTW, since you are clearly working on UX-related work, I would be happy to do a session with you to walk you through some of the things that I feel have gone in the wrong direction with Kibana. I am talking about things like, tasks that used to take two mouse clicks, now take 4 or 5. As well as things that used to be clear at a glance or hover now require one or more mouse clicks. These are details that seem minor in isolation, but which snowball quickly when using the UI extensively all day.

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BTW, some examples of our dashboards are here…

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Thanks @robcowart! I will reach out to set up a feedback session in the next few days

I’m in the same boat as @searchymcsearchface. I understand why the names are coupled as the services are coupled but to that end they are distinctly separate applications and the naming doesn’t really portray that.

I keep having to explain that OpenSearch Dashboard is just a front end for OpenSearch. Hard to do that quickly when they are all named the same/very similar.

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+100 from me to what @searchymcsearchface and @dtaivpp are saying, this is just odd

Personally - also speaking as a user here - I don’t love that top header bar. It feels like it takes up a lot of real estate for what feels like largely cosmetic content.


Looks like there is a fair bit of disagreement here. @kvngar Do you want some time at a community meeting to get more voices?

Thanks @searchymcsearchface - Yes please, I think it will be important to get some additional voices on this. I think some of the main disagreements I see on this thread refer to the use of the full name “OpenSearch Dashboards” in the application chrome, and particularly, the double header issue. I have seen some consensus both here and in the Github Issue regarding simplifying the chrome to both get rid of the top navbar, and to reduce some of the complexity of the overall navigation schema. I can have some early exploratory options for folks to react to and voice some additional opinions.

@kvngar Sounds good. Do you mind adding it to the agenda linked from the community meeting page? (Add it as a note and I’ll put it in formally) OpenSearch Community Meeting - Late July · OpenSearch