OSD "Ingest/Manage your data" toggle


We are currently running an OpenDistro docker set up and are looking to move to OpenSearch&OSD soon. We would usually build our own version of Kibana from source with some logo changes, favicons etc., all which have plans to be customisable in future versions of OSD, which I’m aware of.

One thing we also like to do is strip out things that aren’t particularly useful for our end users. We run a service where several clients can access their own tenant within Kibana, and basically just view pre-made dashboards, or if they’re knowledgable with Kibana, create their own, but that isn’t a requirement. Everything in our set up tends to be ready-to-use.

Upon testing the OS stack, all of the changes we’d made to Kibana have (quite rightly) made their way back.

It got us thinking, why isn’t there a toggle or some kind of configuration option to hide the above things in red. Ideally, it might still be available for users who have an admin role, but there’s also plenty of other ways to achieve what those buttons are trying to achieve that they might not be necessary.
This also follows through to the /opensearch_dashboards_overview/ plugin where everything highlighted in red also present. We don’t think that these buttons necessarily need to be on display for absolutely every single user.

Of course, it’s not super simple to get this to work in a few days but we may have to switch to building a custom version of OSD to cut these out. I’d be interested in hearing anyone else’s thoughts here.


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Make sense to me! I saw you posted this on #725 which is the first place I thought about. If you want to propose it separately, there is a process to get it on the road map.

My second thought is this something that could be hidden with CSS if there was a way to add custom styles.

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