Opensearch dashboard custom branding

Hi all,
I have just started to use the OpenSearch dashboard and my main goal is customizing the OpenSearch dashboard, I’ve followed the documentation and tried to correctly link my docker-compose file to the OpenSearch-dashboard file but I don’t see any changes applied to my dashboard is there a specific version of the dashboard that supports customization?

OpenSearch Dashboards 1.2 has custom branding support. What version are you using?

I’m using the latest version on docker which I think refers to 1.2.4 are there any specific things I should be paying attention to while adding the OpenSearch dashboard in the volume section of the docker-compose file?

Not really - the branding should work as per documentation. One part that might not be super clear is that “re-launch” means stopping Dashboards entirely via docker, not just closing the browser window or logging out.

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yeah the problem is solved it was actually because of the opensource-dashbord version i was using latest it didn’t work when i chaged to 1.2.0 version it worked thank you for your follow up


Ah latest isn’t always latest. Glad you got it fixed!

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