Opensearch dashboard custome branding

hi all,
I’m trying to customize the login screen in OpenSearch-dashboard I couldn’t find anything related to it in the documentation. any recommendations?

Can you let us know what you’re trying to accomplish on your login screen re-brand?

I know custom branding isn’t complete, so it might not be possible to do everything just yet.

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I want to change the logo in the login screen, the title and also the login button color

would mind providing the list of what can be customized on opensearch

@ahoppity You want weigh in on this one?

You can find some documentation here :

It’s pretty explanatory !
I’m still trying to figure out the SVG requirements for the logo.

Hope I helped !

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Sure! Thanks @searchymcsearchface

@LailaBoullous the main docs for custom branding are here and provide a quick guide on what is currently available and what can be modified through this default path. To your specific question, that login screen is part of the security plugin and hasn’t been something that team has integrated yet. But based on this and this it seems they aren’t that far off (likely a prioritization decision). @kavilla anything else you’d add?

Additionally, you should take a look at this issue and highlight any improvements to custom branding you’d like to see! It would also be worth highlighting as an issue in the security plugin repo (here).

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if you have any problem with the logo I would recommend you check the size it should be the same as the default ones.


In case of AWS PaaS instance of OpenSearch, how we do brand customisation?

I don’t see any options, I know on self hosted OpenSearch we can edit the YML file to do it, but on PaaS I cannot find any reference or a thing to achieve it

Few pointers will help