Customization of Opensearch-dashboards

Hi Team,

I am using 2.6.x on Ubuntu and would like to customize the front end in Dark mode. Can someoneon please help me to customize the Text? Which file do I need to edit for below text?


Blason R

Hi could you please provide the issue link, so I could help you find needed file/s to edit?


I do not have any installation done but if you have opensearch v2.6 setup installed you could find that? OR let me know if you would like me to set it up for you?

The first field can be customized using the branding settings in the opensearch_dashboards.yml configuration: Customizing your branding - OpenSearch documentation

The second text is not currently customizable.

Hey @blason and @ AigerimSuleimenova

Does Josh answer your questions? Have you tried the config file? Do you need more help?


Nah - Even the first one is not possible. The customization is only possible for Logos and Title Text. This is not possible for the Text that I mentioned.

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@blason Hi, the original scope for custom branding only include the following 7 logos and 4 titles and it does not include the titles you mentioned.

Currently we have an open issue request and a PR pending review for customizing the title on the overview page. ([Enhancement] Extend `opensearchDashboards.branding.applicationTitle` customization to app/opensearch_dashboards_overview · Issue #3049 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards · GitHub) Feel free to also open an issue in the repo to request customization for the first title that you circled.

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Should you wish to modify the code and build from source then I believe the first can be changed by altering this file: OpenSearch-Dashboards/default_app_categories.ts at main · opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards · GitHub

I’m unsure exactly where the 2nd text (OpenSearch Plugins) comes from. If anyone can point me in the correct direction let me know!

Those show up if you have any plugins installed

@ashwinpc Much like @blason I’m looking to customize the text here. Specifically I’m looking for the place in the source code where I can change what it says here, so I can change it from “OpenSearch Plugins” to something else. But it seems very complex and I’ve not been able to locate the exact file to change.

@jong You’re right in that it’s not straightforward. That’s because when plugins register themselves with OpenSearch Dashboards, one of the properties provided is category, where the plugin itself defines the category ID and label it should be placed under. For example, see the plugin registration of the security-dashboards-plugin: security-dashboards-plugin/plugin.ts at b3b3120144e50d229bb09aec50991a383df6dafb · opensearch-project/security-dashboards-plugin · GitHub

That means that, to avoid rendering that string you either need to:

  1. Uninstall any OpenSearch Dashboard plugins provided by the OpenSearch project OR
  2. Build all your OpenSearch Dashboard plugins from source with altered category label properties

@joshuarrrr Perfect! Been looking for that string for ages!
I’m already building plugins from source so this is great and exactly what I need. No wonder I never found it!

Thanks for your help.

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