OpenSearch 2.10+ Discover Tool Issues

2.11, deployed and hosted by Amazon.
Issues seen in Chromium based browsers (Issues apply to all I have tested)

Describe the issue:
For a bit of background, I am a Senior Test Manager. We use OpenSearch via Amazon to view the logs for our services running in AWS. Being able to view logs to track down issues is very important to us. We updated one of our environments from 2.9.0 to 2.11.0, and have found the UI changes introduced in 2.10.0 to really hamper our ability to use the product.

I did not feel it was correct to make a thread for every single issue as there may already be bugs open for some of these that I was not able to find in my quick search. So I am going to list them all here to begin with. Its possible some of these have already been reported.

We are happy with the UI offered in 2.9.0, and its only the new one that we have had issues with. I would be happy to discuss anything listed below should more details be needed. And I apologize if it seems long. Its the QA person in me.

  1. The side panel along the left of the screen can no longer be closed like it could in 2.9.0 and older. This is rarely used in our use case. We use it to build a view, and then we save that view. And from then on use the saved views. Being forced to have this sidebar open is taking away valuable screen space.

  2. The new ‘fly out’ to inspect documents is a pretty big downgrade to the previous setup. You can no longer view multiple documents, which is a requirement for us as we use this to dig through logs and troubleshoot issues. Only being able to look at one item at a time, and having the other items be covered up makes looking through logs more tedious.

  3. The fly-out also being so narrow results in logs being displayed in a very tall, narrow column. The old document view did not have this issue. It makes viewing logs difficult when a single line is wrapped to now be 2-5 lines. In some cases I have seen stack traces go from maybe being 1/2 a page in the old layout, to multiple pages in the new narrow view.

  4. For some reason the default font was made larger, so now we see less than we used to be able too. This larger font makes it look like the designer is using a 4-5k display, and set the font size to match that. I use a 1440P display, and I cannot see as much text per column as I used to. Using it on a 1080P display is near unusable as we can only see 1-2 words per column. This combined with not being able to collapse the sidebar results in having a lot of abbreviated text in each column. If ultra-high res display users need a larger font, it should be made configurable.

  5. The double vertical scroll bars makes scrolling an unpleasant experience. The page scrolls, and the document list scrolls. I don’t see why the document list needs its own scroll bar if the page has to be scrolled down anyway to see the pagination buttons. When you go to scroll with your mouse wheel, sometimes the browser scrolls the whole page down, sometimes it scrolls just the document list.

  6. Only being able to choose 100 items for the pagination is kind of a deal breaker. We often have to go through thousands of logs. 100 per page makes this very tedious when the old 2.9.0 allowed us to see 500. The pagination is an improvement over having to manually move the time window to see more logs, but not with such a small number of items per page. Being able to configure the number of items per page would be very nice as we often have cases where 100 items may only represent a one second window in time.

  7. If you resize columns in the document list, they will often reset their own widths if any sort of changes are made to the filter. So if you decide to filter out a word, or change the search, all the columns you just resized will go back to their defaults. This seems to happen most often if the columns are wider than the display area. Which is often with the static side bar and larger fonts. If you make a column wider, that pushes columns to the right off the page, it will undo those changes on its own.

  8. There is a large blank area (1-2 pages at times, seems variable) under the list of documents when you are scrolling down to the very bottom. So between the last item in the document list, and the pagination buttons, there is a large blank space.

Thank you for your time, and for reading through my somewhat long list of items. I can provide screenshots if needed, or discuss any of them in more detail as required.


One other item I forgot to list above.

The display no longer shows multiple lines. You can now only see a single line of text per item. This makes it impossible to see what is in the log unless you click on it. In the old view it would show up to around seven lines. This would let you easily see what the stack trace was for. And compare it to logs above or below.

But now that it will only display a single line, a ton of data is now missing from the main view compared to what we had in the old version.


Thank you @BrandonS !
Any updates on these bugs/issues?
We’re facing them from 2.11.0, please fix ASAP.


Guys this really needs to be fixed ASAP, everyone is complaining this problem
we can’t even downgrade the version with the huge amount data currently we have


This issue is very critical for us, please fix it

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Hey, just want to give an update on the issues raised here. Thanks for calling out these issues, we are currently tracking them and are slated to be fixed very soon:

  1. [Data Explorer] Left side bar can not be expanded and collapsed · Issue #4780 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards · GitHub
  2. Discover 2.0 - possibility to expand multiple documents at the same time · Issue #5555 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards · GitHub
  3. Same as 2
  4. [Feature][Feedback] Monospace font in the Discover view · Issue #5557 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards · GitHub (solves it partly, but it looks like you have an issue with the font as a whole. This is because of our recent theme update, the UX team is aware and looking into it)
  5. There are 2 bugs here:
    a. A firefox specific bug: : [BUG] [Discover] Inner scrollbar on datagrid · Issue #5231 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards · GitHub
    b. [BUG] [TableVis] Embeddables are not sized correctly, and create vertical and horizontal scrollbars · Issue #5616 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards · GitHub
  6. Issue tracked here: Discover Page : Pagination vs scroll ( older way) · Issue #5601 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards · GitHub and a fix is on the way: [Discover] Data Grid Pagination Options by kishor82 · Pull Request #5610 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards · GitHub
  7. [BUG] Discover 2.0 - Auto re-sizing of columns happens inappropriately (and frequently) when using saved queries · Issue #5524 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards · GitHub
  8. [BUG][Discover] Discover table panel won't adjust the size automatically when time range changes · Issue #5440 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards · GitHub

While we are going through this list as fast as possible, I cant give an exact date for when the fixes will be ready. You can follow the issues for updates. Also, If you can upvote on the issues that are more important than the others that will help us prioritize the order of fixing these issues.

Great to hear this!

I did add one additional item in a comment below my initial post, in case it was missed.

Looking forward to the fixes :slight_smile:

Ah yes sorry i missed that. Here is the issue targeting multi line issues: [Data Explorer][Discover 2.0] Dynamic rowHeightsOptions based on fields · Issue #4859 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards · GitHub

This ones a bit tricker since we moved to using the data table component but we have a short term and long term fix planned for this.