OpenDistro vs Elaticsearcj Kibana

When I’m logged in Kibana with user admin i see some differences between what I can access/do in OD and vanilla ES.

The most important thing i noticed so far: i have no control over indexes. I can apply a policy but i cannot modify/edit/delete indexes. And i cannot see index templates either …

Is that an interface issue/choice or permissions? (admin has the default permissions).

The features you are referring to in “vanilla ES” are part of the X-Pack features and were not part of the Open Source versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana. Open Distro (and now OpenSearch) is 100% Apache 2.0 licensed. These same tasks are accomplished differently in Open Distro.

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Thanks for the answer but I need a bit more than that:

how do i delete the indices that I want to delete? Is that action possible to be done in the Kibana?

I can delete them with curl but would be easier to have a visual way to delete them …

I can’t tell you how/if there is an ODFE Kibana option. I have only looked at the Kibana option once, but never use it. I use Insomnia (a REST client app) to handle all of my Elasticsearch maintenance tasks, as I have for years. Having access to all of my ES-related environments in one client is far easier than 101 mouse clicks in Kibana.

Thanks, so my best option is to look into extra 3rdparty tools. Will look into it :slight_smile:

You can always use DevTools to perform these tasks. It’s quite handy as it supports auto-complete.