How and from where opendistro picks Templates and Policies? What is the path and how to configure them?

I am using Opendistro for ES 1.9.0 , logstash and kibana.

I have created few index templates and policies.

Now as per this I placed all my templates.

It didn’t got picked up… And also where do I need to copy all my policies and what settings are to be provided.

How can I make OD pick index template and policy without APIs.

Opendistro documentaion has only how to use api…

I have seen the OD ISM and also provided the ism enabled flag to true.

This is old documentation, there is not an option now for elasticsearch to have a directory for templates on the nodes.

@tony so, now it can be done only via APIs/curl scripts? Or do we have any feature in OD? To create policy and template on the run?

Not 100% sure what you are after, you can amend/create them in the kibana gui if you like or by the api in dev tools or via curl.