Index & ISM as configuration files


I’m using Opendistro for Elasticsearch on Kubernetes using the chart available on your Github repository: opendistro-build/helm/opendistro-es at main · opendistro-for-elasticsearch/opendistro-build · GitHub

Using the configuration options available in values.yaml, I managed to customize my configuration, create users, roles, roles mapping… Everything works great so far.

Once installed on my kubernetes cluster, I still need to login as admin to kibana and create my Indexes and Index State Managent (ISM) policies manually before my setup is complete. I tried to find where they are stored on the pods but couldn’t find anything…

My question: Is there a way to configure index and ISM policies automatically using values.yaml, config files or something else?

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Is there any news on that ?

This is a very relevant question. Is there any guidance on how to do this?
Thank you in advanced!

I have stopped researching Opensearch for while, but you can do this by executing a curl command to the API in the YAML file.