How does ElasticSearch opendistro ISM work?

Hi everyone, my team is using ElasticSearch 7.10 in AWS, and we want to use Index State Management plugin to delete indexes periodically. Now I have some questions.

  1. I know there will be a cron job to execute the policy, what is the interval of the cron job and can we modify this interval?
  2. Is this cron job running on master node? And if the cluster configuration is updated, will the cron job be affected?

What I have done

  1. I looked at the ISM logs on kibana and I found that the interval between each step is not fixed.
  2. I updated the data nodes configuration and found that it did not affect the ISM cron job. But if I need to update other configuration, will the cron job be affected?
  1. 5 Minutes. And where to modify: Settings - Open Distro Documentation

  2. My guess is master node and what you mean on cluster configuration is updated, I mean which setting?

ISM works fine for me in the past if the cluster is not larger than 40-50Tb in Opendistro version. You may want to read the document again to fully seek your answer :joy:

Thanks for your reply.

  1. I recently found out that on Amazon Open Search, the interval for ISM is 30 minutes
  2. I mean, if I want to switch my master node, will the previously configured ISM policy still work?
  1. Probably, yes! :grimacing:
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