Run ISM only once a day

I want to run ISM policy only once a day, so i used “opendistro.index_state_management.job_interval”:“1d” but while putting this is index template, i get a message as "“unknown setting [index.opendistro.index_state_management.job_interval]” along with “illegal_argument_exception” . Are there any other settings that can be used?

Have you tried ‘24h’

yes, same error message. I think the issue is with using key as “opendistro.index_state_management.job_interval”, i am not sure if the key has changed (though docs don’t suggest that) or there is another option to achieve this.

@vikranth, the setting hasn’t changed. Do you have the plugin installed on all nodes in your cluster (i.e. the master node too)?

@dbbaughe - how do we check that? our aws ES is configured of 2 nodes. There is no master node as such.

Are you using the managed service (Amazon Elasticsearch Service)? If so we do not currently allow users on our service to configure the job_interval setting. As of right now on the service it will execute every 30 minutes + a 60% jitter (so 30-48 minutes). We do plan to open this setting up to allow users to change it to what they want, but it’s not possible as of right now. Is there some concern you have with it executing more frequently?

@dbbaughe: Yes, we are using managed service. Our ISM delete’s indexes after a period of 30 days, so running a job once a day should do. Instead of running the job every 30 minutes.

@vikranth, got it. These are very lightweight jobs so it should be fine if they are running every 30 minutes. We will allow the user to control this on the service in the future; but in the meantime it’s not possible.

@dbbaughe: sure, we will wait for it. Thanks.