(Official) Training for OpenSearch?

as you might be aware, elastic is offering trainings and certifications. i also just saw now that they’re changing their training to be more focused on Elastic Cloud (which is anyway not relevant for OpenSearch).

are there any plans - from anyone in the community - to offer trainings for OpenSearch in the future?
are there any plans to officially endorse such training (not necessarily from a single training vendor, maybe just a set of training standards to be covered?) by the project (of course for this the governance question might have to be clarified first)?

or what is the suggested approach to ramp up new people in an fast & efficient way to work with OpenSearch?

full disclosure: i’ve never done any elastic training, i’ve just done learning-by-doing (which might account for huge gaps in my knowledge of elasticsearch/OpenSearch :roll_eyes:)


Sematext provides Elasticsearch training in addition to consulting and production support. We will be doing the same for OpenSearch.