OpenSearch relevance training at OpenSearchCon EU

If you’re attending OpenSearchCon EU in Berlin this May, we’re running an intensive Think Like a Relevance Engineer training for OpenSearch - conference entry included! Level up your search skills with OpenSearch: Trainings will be held between 9am and 5.30pm on Monday 6th May at Cafe Moskau, the main venue.

The training is a one-day intensive course based on Think Like a Relevance Engineer (TLRE) OpenSearch and taught by the team at OpenSource Connections. We’ve taught hundreds of people how to think differently about search!

  • Part One - Managing, Measuring, and Testing Search Relevance: Understand how working on relevance requires different thinking than other engineering problems. We teach you to measure search quality, take a hypothesis-driven approach to search projects, and safely ‘fail fast’ towards ever improving business KPIs.
  • Part Two - Engineering Relevance with OpenSearch: This part of the training demonstrates relevance tuning techniques that actually work. Relevance can’t be achieved by just tweaking field weights: boosting strategies, synonyms, and semantic search are discussed.

Get your tickets here (space is limited).

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