Need to send data from .log file to AWS opensearch

Hello all,

Could you please help me on this.

I am quite new to the Elasticsearch ocean.

My requirement is, I need to send data from .log file to AWS opensearch. Whether the below option will work for me.

Since the output plugin opensearch is not by default available with Logstash. The manual installation will help me for sending the data to the opensearch?

Or i have to forcefully choose the following option download “Logstash OSS with OpenSearch Output Plugin” from the website (Opensearch 2.11.1 · OpenSearch).
which have a pre loaded opensearch output plugin.

What is the maximum Logstash version supports for opensearch for below condition.

  1. Logstash downloaded from official elasticsearch site (Download Logstash Free | Get Started Now | Elastic)

Since the version we download from OpenSearch’s website is 8.9.0: logstash-oss-with-opensearch-output-plugin-8.9.0-linux-x64.tar, so the latest version of Logstash which is 8.11 may also support OpenSearch, the difference between the minor versions maybe small.