Is this fork or not?

I have some concerns:

  • What I can see under Open Distro for ES GitHub org seems like there are forks for community or 3rd party plugins. Or are they not forks?
  • If there are feature requests or bug reports around say SQL or Security where are users expected to open tickets? In relevant AWS Open Distro or in origin plugin repo?


Hi Lukáš,

You can open your tickets and issues here with Open Distro for Elasticsearch for any issues with the code in these repositories. We will ensure fixes and enhancements get back upstream where relevant. This includes SQL which is based on the Apache 2.0-licensed elasticsearch-sql project and any code developed with floragunn on the Security side.



I am sorry, I really do not understand :frowning: I am used to go to the upstream, opening tickets there and usually push PR as well.

Are you saying that you in fact discourage community from going directly to SearchGuard or SQL plugin repos and opening, discussing and working on the tickets there? Instead you want to do a proxy/mediator between upstream plugins and community?

Also, you mentioned several times that you partnered with SearchGuard. Can you please elaborate more on this more? What does it mean? Can you make the partnership details public?

May be it is just me (it is late Friday) but I am really confused. These question are very important to me and I am surprised they haven’t been covered and explained in announcing blog posts and videos.

Thanks for bearing with me,