Increasing zoom level in Opensearch Dashboards

Hey all,

I am experimenting with using different tile servers in order to increase my zoom level in Opensearch Dashboards.

I already have an Opensearch and Opensearch Dashboard instance running, and am playing around with some settings in a new Opensearch Dashboard instance (which uses the same Opensearch instance).

My opensearch_dashboards.yml looks as follows:

map.tilemap.url: “{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg"
map.tilemap.options.maxZoom: 20
map.tilemap.options.attribution: "Map tiles by Stamen Design 1, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap 1, under ODbL( 1)."

I am passing the config in my docker-compose.yml as follows:

      - './opensearch-dashboards/openseach_dashboards.yml:/usr/share/opensearch-dashboards/config/openseach_dashboards.yml'

In the logging, I see no errors and opensearch dashboards starts normally. However, my zoom is not increased and I do not see the new tilemap settings in the visualization.

Further, I have also tried a custom WMS. However, it still does not allow me to increase my zoom level.

Any help would be appreciated.