Kibana map : how increase zoom level

I am trying to increase the zoom level on kibana maps.
As i understand a custom WMS is required in order to bypass the default 10x zoom limitation.
I am using the kibana instance provided by amazon es domain.

Could you please provide any useful documentation in order to achieve this ? I tried everything and did not manage to increase the zoom level.

Thanks in advance,

Hello @mikhail . Did you manage to modify the zoom level? I found myself in the same situation as yours. Thank you

I added the following lines in my kibana.yml file to change to another background layer allowing a much higher zoom level:

map.tilemap.url: “{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg”

map.tilemap.options.maxZoom: 20

map.tilemap.options.attribution: ‘Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under ODbL(OpenStreetMap).’

Like this there is no restriction on zoom.

I am also in this situation when using AWS Elasticsearch and its Kibana. I can successfully add a WMS layer to a coordinate map visualisation, however, I cannot zoom in any further than what I can with default map tiles. For my needs the motivation for standing up a WMS would be to increase the available map zoom levels.

Has anyone solved how to achieve this with AWS Elasticsearch Kibana?