Using AWS Maps within Kibana


It was mentioned in yesterday’s meeting that OpenSearch Dashboards uses AWS Maps Service by default. I was wondering if we could use that services with current OpenDistro/Kibana. I am currently using OpenDistro 1.9.


It is configurable by a yaml file, IIRC. So you could pull the setting out of the OpenSearch Dashboards and put it into Open Distro. I’m curious why you want to use the new maps over the provide one?

No particular reason really. Just wanted to explore it in light of OpenDistro before getting my hands dirty with OpenSearch.

Curiosity is a valid reason! I’m glad it’s not something bad (which was my fear). I just talked to one of the developers on the project and the new map tiles are actually not fully enabled yet. When they are I’ll point you to the config file.

@asfoorial I think you can modify the kibana.yml file and change:

map.tilemap.url: "{z}/{x}/{y}.png"
map.includeElasticMapsService: false

Thanks @searchymcsearchface I will give it a try.

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