Hiring Software Engineers for Search & Discovery team

Hello! I am the Engineering Lead and Manager for FiscalNote’s Search & Discovery team, and we are looking to hire a few more Engineers to help build and evolve our core Python services that heavily rely on open versions of Elasticsearch.

Job Description
FiscalNote and its subsidiaries ingest, process, link, and analyze Terabytes of text and metadata from the world’s legislative, regulatory, news, and social media content, in addition to stakeholders (people, organizations). Our team provides search capabilities within and across all of these disparate datasets for multiple B2B SaaS and API products.

We’re looking for driven individuals with a bias for action to help us dive deeper into improving search relevance, streamlining discoverability for our users, introducing user-based recommendations, and more.

Some highlights of qualifications:

  • (For Senior and higher roles) Previous experience with Elasticsearch including an understanding of text analyzers, cluster settings and management, Elasticsearch query DSL, aggregations, highlighting, percolation, and scaling the system.
  • At least 2-4 years of experience in the software industry deploying web applications, microservices, and data pipelines into production cloud environments.
  • Knowledge of data pipelines and RESTful APIs (including Swagger/OpenAPI)
  • Experience with Python-based applications and codebases
  • Familiarity with combining data across two or more different data stores and systems (PSQL, Oracle DB, Elasticsearch, Neo4j, Redis, Redshift, RMQ)

We have a HQ in Washington, DC where several team members are and numerous other offices globally, though of course most everyone works remotely as desired.

We’re looking for a Senior Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/fiscalnote/8562d25f-e968-4c44-bd93-8840079fd07a,
As well as early-to-mid-level Engineers: FiscalNote - Software Engineer,
And are accepting full-time remote applicants for the same positions.

Please see the links above for more details and to apply! Thank you