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:wave: Hey folks!

I’m working on a feature for the site. I’ve had a few folks reach out to me about finding engineers to either contribute to OpenSearch or to manage OpenSearch clusters. I didn’t know anyone off hand and this community doesn’t really have a good way of communicating that. Itch scratching time!

What I’d like to do is setup a free job posting board on It would be managed through pull requests (need to post a job? Do a PR). It’s not terribly complicated to implement but I’d like to find out if it would be a desired feature and that I am building it with the right features.

Here is a small mock up:

Each job posting would be a markdown file with YAML front matter:

date_of_posting: 2021-09-25 # required
work_with_opensearch: true # optional, using OpenSearch
work_on_opensearch: true # optional, contributing to OpenSearch
organization: Software, Inc. # required, company or organization hiring
job_title: OpenSearch Software Development Engineer # required
remote_possible: true # required, if this is location independent
apply_link: # required, the CTA button on the job posting
fulltime: true # optional, considered to be full time employment in the jurisdiction of hiring
contract: false # optional, false = ongoing employment, true = limited term employment
location: # optional
    lat: 40.7128N  # optional & future use, latitude - lon is required if lat is set
    lon: 74.0060W  # optional & future use, longitude - lat is requried if lon is set
    description: New York, NY USA # required if location is set
# below the triple dash is the job description
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Do you have any thoughts? Is there something I missed in the fields above?

Job Seeker: Would you use the feature described above to find a new role?

  • Absolutely
  • Maybe
  • Probably Not
  • Nope
  • This doesn’t apply to me

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Job Poster: Would you use the feature described above to find new people for your organization?

  • Absolutely
  • Maybe
  • Probably Not
  • Nope
  • This doesn’t apply to me

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I don’t have enough positive adjectives to express how brilliant of an idea this is! A medium for anyone looking for opensearch talent or opensearch talent looking for a paying gig to work on fun opensource problems is tremendous service for all. +∞ for this!

@searchymcsearchface That’s a nice idea.

Hi @searchymcsearchface and everyone :wave:

I came across this discussion from Eli’s Twitter post.

:+1: for the idea of having a community job board.

The reason I post here is that I am running, which is a job board software that allows communities like OpenSearch to create their own job board within minutes.

While I like the idea of “jobs” page, there are 2 disadvantages that I want to highlight with this approach

Issue of having expired jobs on the page
Once a job is expired, it’s not like someone going to immediately create a pull request to remove the job posting from the source code. So this page will have old jobs hanging around which will be a bad user experience for other members who are browsing this page.

Missing email notifications for new jobs
Considering how niche is the community, I don’t expect that this page will have a lot of jobs. So given that, even if community members are curious about new jobs they are not going to check the job board frequently since most of the time it might be just the same content. But if you go with a job board solution, they can just subscribe for new jobs and receive an email notification when a new job is posted. This also will increase the reach of posted jobs.

If folks here like the idea of the job board, I would love to offer you our software. And using it you can just create “” within minutes, similar to what you have for this forum.

OK Folks - looks like we don’t have any major dissenters so I’m going to move forward.

@marty Thanks for the offer - I’ll keep it in mind should the PR-based system become unmanageable.

did you already have a chance to implement this? i couldn’t find it on the website and also checked the git repo and didn’t find an issue or PR for it either. i’d have a job opening to publish :smiley:

I haven’t yet :grimacing:.

I have a backlog a kilometre high right now and it’s at the bottom (and I’m personally building this feature). Feel free the send me the job post - I’m glad to socialize it personally and use it as a sample piece when I get around to building out the feature of the website.

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