Hide "See the full error" button on UI - INFORMATION DISCLOSURE

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
Opensearch Dashboards 2.7

Describe the issue:
after an AV … they discover that you can show the stack trace/debug info on an error window if you press “See the full error” button. How do i “hide the button” or disable this information window ?

Standard / vanilla

Relevant Logs or Screenshots:
If we change the url and insert a wrong character…

If we click on “see full error” we get a “stack trace”.


How can i hide the button or the stack trace output ?

There’s no current way to hide that button, which is part of the standard error handling flow. If you’d like to request that feature, you can open a new issue on GitHub: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Most importantly, we’d want to understand why you’d like to disable that feature and what problems you’re trying to solve by doing so.

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