Reporting Button not showing in Opensearch Dashboards

Hi all, I’m trying to show Reporting button in my Opensearch dashboards but I’m unable to show them.
Below screenshot:

Reporting plugin is installed and confirmed.
Yet for some reason the Reporting button is not showing up in Dashboards.
Anything I have to do to make it show up?

Interesting. I’m on 2.1.0 and I’m seeing the following at the bottom to create a new report definition:

What version are you on @sandy381 ?


My first thought is to log in as the admin user and see if any of the missing portions appear, and that would at least narrow it down to a permissions issue.

Is there any way you could provide a larger screenshot or more details about your environment? The screenshot posted in the original message looks wrong in several ways, so I’m curious to understand more.

I got the issue!

So when using links, I had been using embed=true, so I was unable to see reporting and other options in top panel.

I had been sharing dashboard links with embed=true so I couldn’t see reporting.

In URL link, I removed embed=true and now I can see reporting icon.