Force install OpenDistro SQL into ElasticSearch OSS 7.9.3


Can somebody help me how to force install OpenDistro SQL into ElasticSearch OSS 7.9.3?

Elasticsearch doesn’t support downgrade, and I just found OpenDistro after installed 7.9.3 and put some data into Elasticsearch.

BTW: Why is this strict version dependency? As I understand between ES 7.9.1. and 7.9.3 there were some bug fixing and in normal scenarios a patch number change should not result a breaking change.

Hello @TAS8ryoikp there are 2 layers of dependencies here.

  1. Upstream request exact dependencies on ES versions, match to match. This means if our plugin did not bump the internal metadata version to point to 7.9.3, ES wont allow it.

  2. In DEB/RPM distro, ODFE ask for first 3 digit match between ODFE and the plugin dependencies packages. We are currently in the process of removing this dependency, but may take some time to fully introduce the new version currency. Play stay tune.

As of now, your best choice is to wait for us to release a new ODFE version that support ES 7.9.3, or go to SQL repo here and open an issue with them to request for a standalone release on github.