Upgrade Elasticsearch 7.9 to opendistro Version of elasticsearch

Hi All,

We are trying to Upgrade Elasticsearch 7.9 to opendistro Version of elasticsearch , Is there a way of inplace upgrade is possible in two different environments as the cluster is Elastic’s Elasticsearch and we are trying to upgrade that cluster to opendistro elasticsearch .

Does the opendistro elasticsearch node connects to elastic’s cluster ?

I used to do with 7.x elasticsearch to odfe 1.8 version.
Simply do a downtime service and use reindex api :smiley:

Thanks for the reply @BlackMetalz .

Can’t we do without downtime ?

mostly it will require an advance query for reindex API. Like the time you do reindex is 5:00 AM and reindex finished at 5:00 PM. So data increase between that time you do another reindex with query between that time. But that solution is only available for insert data to index, not update existing data I guess
I haven’t done it, yet so I can’t really talk about it. :smiley:

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Sure no problem @BlackMetalz . Let me check some way and get back to you that worked out or not …

Replies to this post are much appreciated !!!


As OD elasticsearch is open source, we thought of migrating from Elastic’s ELK Stack to Open Distro Elasticsearch.
Please describe a way how to move from elasticsearch to opendistro for elasticsearch. Really interested in it.

Also, is there a way to do this without any downtime.