Entity Relationship Query and Full Text Search

I have a doubt if only with opensearch I can model the proposal below: I have an index of products, we use it in a marketplace for people to carry out searches and purchases. Today I have a new requirement which is to allow affiliates to conduct surveys on their products. Affiliates are people who sell the real owner’s product and earn commissions per sale.

Therefore, a product that has 1 owner can have hundreds of affiliates.

Today our index does not contain affiliates and I thought of creating a separate index because we have many affiliates in the base. In this index, we could have the affiliate’s code and an array of products he has an affiliation with, but that doesn’t seem healthy in terms of performance, as the array would be huge.

Another study was using the parent-join query but I also saw performance issues related to it.

I would like to know from the community if anyone has any experience or suggestions for this modeling that has relationships and allows full text search.

I’m already thinking that for this scenario opensearch is not able to solve the whole problem or at least it would be part of a solution that involves another technology.

Any opinion will be welcome.