ELK VS OpenDistro

Hi to all!!

I’ve already found OpenDistro as a possible solution for a power reporting tool for Elastic.

Now I’m running ELK with version 7.15.2, Could I use my indexes that I have with the last version of OpenDistro?

@connosco Are you actually using Open Distro or are you using OpenSearch? If you are still using Open Distro you should seriously look at OpenSearch ASAP.

As far as ES 7.15.2, I don’t think that’s officially supported by OpenSearch 1.x nor Open Distro (both uses or are compatible with 7.10.2). The snapshot may work as the underlying Lucene major version is the same, but YMMV.

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As I could see OpenSearch doesn’t have reporting tool, i tried skedler at the past but what i need is a reporting tool for my dashboards at kibana


@connosco Do the two below links not support your reporting “requirements”?

  1. Monitors - OpenSearch documentation
  2. Reporting - OpenSearch documentation