How to get reporting feature in my kibana

Hi team,

I am using free version of kibana 7.8 and elasticsearch 7.8 with open distro

I want to add a reporting option in my kibana UI. I heard that opendistro can generate the reports of dashboard and send it over email for free.

can someone help me out how to get this reporting setup on my existing kibana.


@searchymcsearchface can you please help me with this ?

Hey, so searchymcsearchface has retired from the community but I will see if I can offer some help.

Here is some of the documentation for generating reports: Reporting - Open Distro Documentation

As far as sending these over email that is likely something you will need to build out manually. I haven’t seen this in any of the documentation I have found. What you could do is use the API’s from Kibana (which aren’t documented) and fetch the report and send it with SMTP? It’s an option but certainly would require a good bit of work.

hey @dtaivpp,

this reporting option is limited to version 7.10 and above but I am using kibana 7.8 and I don’t want to upgrade cause I will lose my data,
can you help me how to get reporting option to my cluster ?


Hey if it is only available in 7.10 then there is not much I can do to help there. What I do want to ask about is what you mean by you will lose your data? Upgrading a cluster should never result in data loss. How is your cluster being hosted?

I mean to say that, to upgrade the kibana and elastic search I would need to uninstall and reinstall them again, in that case I will lose my existing dashboards, monitors and visualizations from kibana and logs from my elastic search

Are you not using mounted volumes? If you are using mounted volumes then that data should persist so long as you remount them correctly. How have you deployed OpenSearch?