Elastic suing SearchGuard

ey guys,

I’ve just read on elastic blog that they are suing SearchGuard.

they even: “We issued a DMCA takedown notice to GitHub and Sonatype, to prevent distribution of the infringing code to new users.”

so…where are we?

AWS stands behind Open Distro and we look forward to a quick resolution of these claims.


Will @AWS release an official statement with more detail?

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Floragunn’s reply: Dear Search Guard Community

Floragunn sees no basis for any copyright infringement, vigorously rejects any and all of 
Elastic’s accusations and has consistently denied such accusations from Elastic in the past. 
The work related to Search Guard dates back to a point of time when a security solution from Elastic 
was unavailable. Floragunn has put a lot of hard work and effort into Search Guard over the years.

Floragunn will vigorously defend itself and its reputation and will take all necessary legal and other 
actions available to counter Elastic’s accusations.
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@AWS , Kindly release an official statement on this as where Opendistro stands as it is critical for the adoption and further usage of the security plugins on production.