E-Mail option in dropdown missing


I upgraded our OpenDistro system which is running under Ubuntu 18.04. So thanks for the implemented email function, this was urgently needed by some users :slight_smile:

The email function (Destination) is missing on my system.

Here are the current installed packages:
ii opendistro-alerting
ii opendistro-anomaly-detection
ii opendistroforelasticsearch 1.10.1-1
ii opendistroforelasticsearch-kibana 1.9.0
ii opendistro-index-management
ii opendistro-job-scheduler
ii opendistro-knn
ii opendistro-knnlib
ii opendistro-performance-analyzer
ii opendistro-security
ii opendistro-sql
ii elasticsearch-oss 7.9.1

The “Type” selection has no “E-Mail” option:

What am I missing here?


Solved: I do not know why but the “opendistroforelasticsearch-kibana” was not updated automatically like it was in the paste