Email alerting mechanism in Open Distro

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I am looking for the possibilities of how we can configure Email Alerting in OD For Elastic search. I have already configured Slack API for alerting and now looking for email alerting .Do we have any proven method for the same ? Kindly let me know.

Hello @Saravana37, it is on the way - Refactor Email Destination for Kibana #176

Hello @stmx38 ,

Thanks for the info . Do you have any idea when is this expected to be released ? Any time soon ?

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Accordingly to their Roadmap: Not coming, not next but 3-rd one release?

Related to your last post, is there a way to use a Custom webhook to send Email?

Something like but for outgoing mails. Maybe some mail senders provides such services (SendGrid?) or maybe there is a way to use local Postfix with some HTTP API over it.

We should have the email feature in the next release going through the refactoring changes. We are working on integrating SNS into ODFE and that’s another option to send an email (not the most ideal).

Hi, here you have a possible solution:

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