Need help to configure the details that are using in custom web hook to send email alerts

Hi Team,

I am using open distro Kibana and trying to send email notifications through Alerting mechanism. Here I choose Custom web hook for notification. I have host and port details only. I do not know other field details like path and type etc. Could you please help me with this scenario?

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hi @sajjithreddy, If you want to use email notifications follow these steps:

Thank you Sriram for the document.

I have created monitor, trigger and those jobs are giving proper outputs. In the destination I have given custom endpoint and authorization key, values as well. My endpoint(POST) body would be in “form data” and looks like below.

details: {
“to”: [
“cc”: [
“from”: “”,
“subject”: “Kibana emails”,
“bodyAsHtml”: “

my test message


How can I insert my trigger output in the above json and configure in the email template??

Please provide your inputs…


hi @sajjithreddy,

Were you able to do this ? Please assist /help if you were able to …

Hi @sajjithreddy

I am trying to achieve the same (create alerts which will send email notification using custom webhook, as in the version I am using ( 6.7.1) , email option is not available.
Please assist