Destination "Email" option is missing

Dear Opendistro community,

I have the same issue that is posted here:

The “email” option is missing in the dropdown menu. But it is not explained how to solve it…
I’m using 7.8.0 and kibana is running from tarball.

I would appreciate your support

Best regards

Hi xuann,

I wrote my solution there :slight_smile: I updated the “opendistroforelasticsearch-kibana” package via apt. The package was not updated before so the email option was missing.



I was confused about the versions, and didn’t noticed that “alerting email” was not supported in version 7.8.0… For new deployments I will use current version, but for already deployed Opendistros finally we created a solution using webhook and email python script…


Great to hear that everything is working now. Could you provide your python script? Maybe this is something to share with the community.