Connect metricbeat version 7.15 to opensearch

Hi Team,

We are using Opensearch version 1.2.4 .
We are able to connect opensearch to metricbeat version 7.12 as mentioned in the documentation.

We need to ingest data in opensearch for modules like gcp, azure, aws, airflow which is not present in the metricbeat version 7.12 . Though these modules are available in higher releases like metricbeat 7.15.

Please update us if there is a way we can use 7.15 release of metricbeat to ingest data into opensearch.


Are you connecting metricbeat directly to OpenSearch or going through Logstash?

Would suggest using a proper metric system for this data, most often Prometheus is the appropriate answer. Using Elastic/OpenSearch for metrics is not scalable and riddled with problems around alerting and anomaly detection due to the query language.

Yes connecting metricbeat directly to Opensearch.

OK - just be honest with you, I don’t believe there is a path forward for *Beats past 7.12 connected directly to OpenSearch.

Past 7.12 there are license checks that prevent it from connecting. Beats can connect to Logstash and Logstash can connect to OpenSearch if you truly have no other solution than *Beats.