Metricbeat aws module Connection issue with Opensearch 1.2

I have configured aws opensearch 1.2 and installed metricbeat 7.10.2+ logstash-oss 7.10.2.
I am not able to collect the AWS metrics. Throws the below error.

Any help on this, please

INFO [monitoring] log/log.go:184 Non-zero metrics in the last 30s

Hi @Hikari1 -

At first glance I don’t think I can provide much help but I’d love to see more about how you’ve got logstash and metricbeat configured. IT does seem to be running but not providing metrics, which makes me think your syntax is fine but just a misconfiguration.

You also may want to check the compatibility matrix for those tools on this page here:

It does say that there is a version compatibility setting that might need to be added to your configuration in order to have compatibility.

Share your config if you don’t mind. I’m curious!