Build Your Own: Open Distro for Elasticsearch Build Scripts are now available!

Want to craft your own Docker images using Open Distro for Elasticsearch build scripts? Or build your RPM or Debian packages to customize your own Open Distro for Elasticsearch stack? Our build scripts are now available for you to do just that. You can find the build scripts for Elasticsearch here and for Kibana here.

Like the rest of Open Distro for Elasticsearch, the scripts are open source for you to use, modify, and contribute to. Check them out, build your images, and modify and adapt them for your use case.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to join and ask on the project community discussion forums.

Found a bug, need a feature or want to contribute more examples and documentation

Join in on GitHub to enhance technical documentation, add example code, request features, submit bugs. Raise a pull request and contribute build scripts for other types of packages you’re building. Write a blog post on your use-case and we’d be happy to feature it on our project news section.

We welcome your participation on the project! See you on the forums and code repos!

Happy Building! :smiley: