Open Distro for Elasticsearch 0.9.0 is now available

Open Distro for Elasticsearch 0.9.0 is now available for you to download and use!

The 0.9.0 release includes Elasticsearch 6.7.1, Kibana 6.7.1 from upstream and the latest Open Distro plugins which include the alerting plugin, the performance analyzer, the SQL plugin and the security plugin. The Kibana UI components for the Open Distro plugins are also part of this release. You can find the details on enhancements, bug fixes, and more in the release notes for each plugin in their respective GitHub repository.

Docker images for this release of Open Distro for Elasticsearch and Kibana can be downloaded from Docker Hub. If you are using Docker, make sure your compose file specifies 0.9.0 or uses the latest tag. Additionally, RPMs and Debian packages are available for installation. You can also download the PerfTop client here and our SQL JDBC driver here.

If you’re a developer interested in using individual Open Distro for Elasticsearch plugins, you can now learn how to download and install plugin zips for Security, Alerting, SQL and Performance Analyzer from our documentation. Additionally, you can find our Security plugin on Maven Central.

Release Details

All plug-ins added support for Elasticsearch release version 6.7.1.


  • Added support for Elasticsearch 6.7.1 - #19
  • Added http proxy support to outgoing notifications - #23
  • Allow encoding while constructing HTTP request for sending notification - #35
  • Added build for Debian - #36
  • Fixed update LastFullSweepTime if the index doesn’t exist - #17
  • Added more alert properties to templateArgs for context variable - #26


  • Added support for Kibana 6.7.1 - #32
  • Added DELETED alert state to Dashboard filter - #37
  • Set min property on interval input - #39


  • Handle attributes when impersonating user - #23


  • Added master metrics - #15
  • Use ES_HOME and JAVA_HOME environment variables in startup script - #24
  • Fixed unit test - #26
  • Added https support - #33


  • Making perftop ready to be installed globally using npm - #9


  • Added integration tests - #21 #22 #24 #28 #31
  • Updated version and fix test, config - #30


  • Corrected name and description in published pom - #8

See full details in the latest release notes for each component at these URLs: Alerting, Alerting Kibana UI, Performance Analyzer, PerfTop, Security, Security Kibana UI, SQL, SQL JDBC driver.

As you use this new release of Open Distro for Elasticsearch, please feel free to ask questions on the project community discussion forum. You can file a bug, request a feature or propose new ideas to enhance Open Distro on our GitHub community issues page.

Happy downloading! :smiley: