Open Distro for Elasticsearch 1.0.0 is now available

Open Distro for Elasticsearch 1.0.0 is now available for you to download and run with!

The 1.0.0 release includes Elasticsearch 7.0.1 and Kibana 7.0.1 from upstream and the latest versions of the Open Distro for Elasticsearch plugins for alerting, performance analyzer, SQL and security. The Kibana UI components for security and alerting are also part of this release.

Docker images for this release of Open Distro for Elasticsearch and Kibana can be downloaded from Docker Hub. If you are using Docker, make sure your compose file specifies 1.0.0 or uses the latest tag. Additionally, RPMs and Debian packages are available for installation. You can also download the PerfTop client here and our SQL JDBC driver here.

If you’re a developer interested in using individual Open Distro for Elasticsearch plugins, you can now learn how to download and install plugin ZIP files for Security, Alerting, and SQL from our documentation. Additionally, you can find our Security plugin on Maven Central. Also if you are looking to build positive open source contribution karma, you can start by visiting our GitHub repos, finding an issue tagged as a “good first issue” and start contributing!

Release Highlights

All plugins now support for Elasticsearch and Kibana release 7.0.1.

Alerting added a new feature for action throttling which allows you to set alert notification intervals that are less frequent than monitoring interval to reduce being spammed with notifications. Additionally, where criteria have been added to the visual monitor definitions, allowing for more flexible monitor definitions without using JSON.

Security added the ability to create tenants independent of roles and manage and map them separately simplifying management and usability. A new version of the LDAP/Active Directory module has also been added which supports querying of multiple role bases and more sophisticated connection pooling.

SQL added config for enabling and disabling SQL, expanded test coverage and additional bug fixes. The SQL JDBC driver added time zone conversion for datetime fields.

Open Distro is also now bundling Job Scheduler which provides a service provider interface (SPI) for other plugins to schedule periodic jobs. The Job Scheduler supports interval and cron scheduling, and allows the extension plugin to enforce singleton job instances using locking.

PRs included this Release

You can find details on enhancements, bug fixes, and more in the release notes for each plugin in their respective GitHub repositories. See Alerting, Alerting Kibana UI, Performance Analyzer, PerfTop, Security, Security Kibana UI, SQL, SQL JDBC driver and Job Scheduler.


  • Added support for Elasticsearch 7.0.1 - PR 41
  • Added index mapping schema versioning - PR 61
  • Added maximum limit for throttle - PR 67
  • Configure action throttle max value in ES setting - PR 69
  • Fixed throttle action - PR 59
  • Resolved PR 58 return error response - PR 72


  • Added support for Elasticsearch, Kibana 7.0.1 - PRs 43, 44
  • Change text for visual monitor graph; Fixes PR 33 - PR 47
  • Add throttle on action level - PR 45
  • Add where clause filters support on visual monitor - PR 42
  • No documents for aggregations count as false - PR 38
  • Updated pre-commit hook config - PR 46
  • Correct documentation URL - PR 50
  • Update placeholder text for whereFilter - PR 54
  • Enhance action throttle UI - PR 56
  • Add throttle constraint text - PR 58
  • Update package.json - PR 59
  • Fix update monitor from monitor list - PR 64


  • No checks on teardown - PR 50
  • Change trimDatabases signature to make it callable from tests - PR 49
  • Making the metricsdb files to keep around configurable - PR 48
  • Added tests for the trimDatabases method
  • Add access logs to performance analyzer webservice


  • Support https requests without certificate authentication - PR 19
  • Version upgrade and remove package vulnerabilities - PR 20
  • Update OpenDistro version in Gradle


  • Correcting config parameter name in example config - PR 44
  • Added support For Elasticsearch 7.0.1 - PR 55
  • Set algorithm for JWK (RSA) in security-advanced-modules - PR 11
  • Updated source build documentation in security parent for security artifacts


  • Added support for Elasticsearch and Kibana 7.0.1 PR 24
    • Added migration feature to to help you move from the old file format to the new format
    • Streamlined the YAML configuration file syntax
    • Updated static default roles so that permission changes to these roles are automatically applied when you upgrade Open Distro for Elasticsearch
    • Added new LDAP/Active Directory module
    • Renamed scope.multiTenancy to scope.multiTenancyEnabled


  • Updated release notes for version 1.0.0 - PR 79
  • Converting HashJoinBasicTest to ESIntegTestCase - PR 74
  • Integration migration - PR 77
  • Migrated DateFunctionsTest, DeleteTest - PR 70
  • Added support for number field - PR 68
  • Migrated JSONRequestIT, MathFunctionsIT, MethodQueryIT to esintgtest package - PR 66
  • Migrated SqlParserTests, TermQueryExplainTest, and UtilsTest - PR 67
  • Added support for enabling/disabling SQL feature - PR 65
  • Migrated the last batch of join tests - PR 61
  • Move SQLFunctionsIT to esintegtest package - PR 57
  • Added test coverage report - PR 56
  • Use elasticsearch-oss for integration tests - PR 55
  • Fixed Unicode character handling in tests
  • Fixed order of fields in csv output - PR 44
  • Added support for mvn build and integration-test for Elasticsearch 7.0.1 - PR 51
  • Fixing failing integration tests for mvn build - PR 49
  • Handle requests with different output formats more consistently - PR 45
  • Fixed percentile query result in csv output - PR 37
  • Added support for Elasticsearch 7.0.1 - PR 47, PR 48


  • Updated contribution guidelines to request tests for all the code changes - PR 16
  • Bump version number to 1.0.0 - PR 13
  • Fix for timestamp with time zone datatype in PR 6 - PR 10


  • Added support for ES 7.0, use primary_term and seq_no for job doc versioning - PR 5
  • Added support scheduledJob with locks - PR 8
  • Updated release-notes and debian package build - PR 9
  • Refactored JobSweeper to do sweep on certain clusterChangedEvent - PR 10
  • Changed log level when sweeper already have latest job version - PR 11
  • Override equals and hashCode for LockModel - PR 12
  • Adds equals, hashCode, toString overrides to IntervalSchedule and CronSchedule PR 13
  • Use ROOT locale for strings - PR 14

Please feel free to ask questions on the project community discussion forum.

Report a bug or request a feature
You can file a bug, request a feature, or propose new ideas to enhance Open Distro for Elasticsearch on our GitHub community issues page. If you find bugs or want to propose a feature for a particular plugin, create an issue in the individual plugin repository.

If you run into any issues using our build scripts, please let us know by filing an issue.

Happy downloading! :smiley: