[BUG] UI drops focus when configuring a monitor action

There seems to be a UI bug when configuring a monitor action on the latest version. This bug did not exist on any previous version.

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):

  • OpenSearch 2.11.0
  • Firefox, Safari and Chrome browser

Describe the issue:

  1. Go to playground.opensearch.org and edit the sample_cluster_metrics_nodes_stats_monitor
  2. Click on “sample_node_trigger”
  3. Click on “Add action”
  4. Give it any name you like
  5. Try to edit “Message subject” or " Message" fields. You’ll notice that each time you enter a character the UI loses focus.
  6. “Enable action throttling” and try to enter a value on “Throttle actions to only trigger every”. Same thing happens.

I also opened an issue on the GitHub project.