Alerting not work

hi all
i user elasticsearch 7.8.0
and kibana 7.8.0
and i install:
for elasticsearch and kibana
after i create webhook Destinations and monitor and tigger and acction
the alert not showing
fyi when i try ti run tigger it’s run successfully and return true when i try to send message from action it’s send successfully but i don’t know why the alerts not running ):

Hello @fmutairi, can you try to follow this example?
It is based on the Slack webhook but it works and detailed described.

Thanks @stmx38 for your reply
I follow up this example
but the problem is the triggered not running when i try to run test triggered it’s return true but when i save triggered and white 1m to next run there is nothing also the action i try to send test message and it’s send successfully with my custom webhook

Which monitor type do you use, “visual graph” or the “extraction query”?

i use extraction query

do you get any results on Trigger configuration like is on the screen?

yes i got result and i run to test condition it’s return true

FYI i have security rule and i login by elastic admin

in the logs i just find this error log

Looks like xpack is installed on OpenDistro? Currently, OpenDistro is not supported with xpack security. OpenDistro comes with native security.