Creating Moniters without setting Destination


Can we build monitors in OD alerting without setting Destination? As we don’t want to send alerts anywhere. We just need them collected in the index.

I tried building monitors without setting the destination, it is showing “There is no data for the current selections.”
Please support and confirm, also let me know if this error can occur due to any other issue.
@skkosuri-amzn @anirudha

Yes, you can create alerts without configuring destinations. Could you please check if the index you selected has data for that time period.

@skkosuri-amzn Thanks for confirmation regarding the destination part. Data is present for 7 Days timeframe, I checked by reducing the timeframe to 1 hour but no luck.

We are using xpack security with elk version 7.6.1 and the standalone OD alerting plugin.
Pls suggest furture steps.

1.I suspect it may happen due to OpenDistro is not supported with xpack security. OpenDistro comes with native security.

2.Opendistro alerting will not work with kiban security. Try without security it will work.

Very much possible. Open Distro Alerting plugin is not supported with xpack security.