Alerting monitor : There is no data for the current selections

I am running Elasticsearch and Kibana v7.5.2 with Elastiflow for NetFlow monitoring on my Network.
I installed Opendistro Alerting plugin for kibana and i want to implement some alerts. I have been trying to create my first alerting monitor but I am running into an issue. I am not getting any data from my index ! And i see the following in the visuak graph window “There is no data for the current selections.”
I’ve tried using both extraction query and the visual graph method.
I also created a user called admin with the superuser role.
admiand am using the admin user as well. One example is using a visual graph with a wildcard index field, @timestamp for the time field, and then count, all documents, from the last 1 hour.

Can you please help ?
Thank you.


I found the solution, we need to have both Kibana alerting plugin and Elasticsearch alerting plugin. Otherwise, it will not work !

Hello, Opendistro alerting will not work with kiban security. Try without security it will work.