Aiven offers OpenSearch as a service

Hopefully this doesn’t come over as a sales pitch, but more a measure of ecosystem health: We (Aiven) now offer OpenSearch as a managed service (announcement is here if you’re interested Announcing Aiven for OpenSearch | Aiven blog).

We join other project members including AWS, Bonsai, Instaclustr and probably others ( have it in their stack also) in offering this awesome project as a service! Quite a few of our customers are impatient to upgrade and that process has been pretty painless so far. I just wanted to drop in and share this update with all of you, who are active in the wider project alongside us :slight_smile:


That is fantastic news!

Great! Do you also offer on-prem deployments and support?


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@lornajane I am happy to hear your news! didn’t sound sales-pitchy at all:)))
could you share more on the upgrade process for existing clusters? Are you performing the upgrade blue-green deployment style or an in-place one?

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There was actually info about this in their webinar yesterday. @lornajane do you have a play back of that? I think it might be of interest to folks here.

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Thanks everyone! We don’t offer on-prem, it’s a managed service.

I don’t think the webinar replay is up yet but I will go hunting and come back to you on that.

@amitai it depends what you are doing: migrations are blue-green, and you literally get a picture of blue and green circles while it’s happening :slight_smile: The elasticsearch->opensearch upgrade is in place (I edited this answer after some research!) as I think most of our major version upgrades are.


Great news for the OS ecosystem, the more demand, the healthier it will be.


Webinar replay released! Find it here Why you should switch to OpenSearch with Heikki Nousiainen - Aiven Webinar - YouTube


Thanks! looking forward to watching this:)