Where can we get the repository-s3 Zip file for offline installs?

We can’t find the S3 zip file for offline installs. We found this page:
… which lists the s3 plugin but it does not have a zip file. Is there a way to take all those jar files and just make them a zip?


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@Prudhvi Godithi

Same issue, the plugins should be in zip format for offline installs, according to the link above
but seems only the plugins that come with Opensearch distribution are in zip format

Hope someone from OS group can answer this

Nobody answered this so we went with a work around. For anyone else facing this type of issue here’s what we did and it seems to work:

Do a plugin install on a system that has access.
Copy the S3 folders in /plugins and /config (you need both folders) from that system
Copy those folders to their respective folders on the offline systems
Restart the service


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Apologies for the late response - you can find plugin zips in the artifacts repository e.g. the repository-s3 plugin version 2.4.0 is at https://artifacts.opensearch.org/releases/plugins/repository-s3/2.4.0/repository-s3-2.4.0.zip

Simply substitute the plugin id and version for other combinations.