When kibana is enabled with multitenancy then after upgrade kibana tenant index gets migrated and after that it is not working properly

I am using kibana with multitenancy enabled (security plugin 1.9.0). After installation, everything is working as expected. I have created a user and a custom tenant and added few saved objects for private and custom tenant. Then I did an upgrade and observed kibana tenant indices got migrated as can be seen in the attached screenshots.

Before upgrade:

After upgrade:

Now, when I login through the same user and try to open the existing saved objects, it is giving me below attached error and not able to open the saved objects. I have given own_index role and tenant permission as kibana_all_write to that tenant(with these it was working fine before upgrade).

  1. When I give an explicit index permission with tenant index to the user then I could see and open the saved objects. So, Please suggest why I am not able to open saved object without giving explicit permission to tenant index.
  2. And, one more concern when i provided kibana_user role which has permission for “.kibana_" index to user I was still not able to open saved object. However, when I gave a custom role with permission to ".kibana_” it has started working properly and i could open the saved objects. Can you please explain why kibana_user role did not work as expected.

Hello @Pratiksha

To which version did you upgrade your 1.9.0 environment?