Saved object migration does not update tenant kibana index

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If this question has already been asked I apologize and ask for the link to the post as I could not find it.

I am currently implementing a new plugin for Opensearch Dashboard. The plugin uses saved objects. Therefore, when starting the application (as expected) the migration of the .kibana index is executed:

However, if I now want to create a new saved object, I get the following error:

message: ‘mapping set to strict, dynamic introduction of [pluginSavedObject] within [_doc] is not allowed: strict_dynamic_mapping_exception: [strict_dynamic_mapping_exception] Reason: mapping set to strict, dynamic introduction of [pluginSavedObject] within [_doc] is not allowed’,

After trying several times, I realized that the .kibana_2 index has been migrated to a .kibana_3. The new .kibana_3 has the new mapping. However, I am logged into a tenant (admin_tenant). The corresponding index (.kibana_-152937574_admintenant_1) was not migrated, which is why the new saved object is missing in the mapping. The .kibana aliase still points to the .kibana_-152937574_admintenant_1 index.
Is this a bug? Is there a better way than manually creating a .kibana_-152937574_admintenant_2 index and performing a reindex?

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Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
OpenSearch Dashboard: 2.10

Hi @andreasMore,

Could you please let me know which version of the OpenSearch Dashboard you migrated from? What is the new version of the OpenSearch Dashboard? What is the name of the new plugin?

Hi @Eugene7,

Perhaps I expressed myself incorrectly. I am not migrating between two OpenSearch Dashboard versions but would like to add a self-developed plugin. The plugin is called myTestPlugin.
I have cloned OpenSearch Dashboard and created the framework of the plugin with the plugin generator from OpenSearch Dashboard. I also added the corresponding security plugin to the plugins folder.

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