Way to allow disable private indices but still use multitenancy?

Basically, I would like for all indices to be publicly viewable, and for multitenancy to be used to restrict access to dashboards/visualizations.

I have not found a way to do this, and the problem is outlined in the following steps I have tried:

  1. Enable multitenancy
  2. Log into admin account with all_access role
  3. Create an index while in the Global tenant
  4. Log into another account (in my case, one that also has the all_access role)
  5. In order to view the index created, I must join the Global tenant
  6. I must remain within the Global tenant in order to create dashboards/visualizations from that index (to my understanding)

Is there any way I can allow all users to access all indices but still secure their dashboards/visuals?

@Lanuk I don’t think there is a way, as kibana objects are specific to tenant. Therefore the index pattern would need to be created in the tenant that the user wants to save the dashboard in.