Not able to view index patterns created by another user

Hello Everyone ,

I have an issue with Kibana index patterns . I am setting up opendistro for Kibana . Logged in with “admin” account , created few index patterns and imported the dashboards and visualizations from Old Kibana.

All works perfectly fine with admin account . PFB Screenshot which shows the list of index patterns created.


I copied admin id with another name and logged in to the application . To my surprise , i am not able to see the index patterns created.

I have tried assigning roles and permissions as well to these index patterns but nothing seems to be working . Can any one please help me on this please ?

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Saravana S

Hello @Saravana37

Short answer is - use a common Tenant to store shared data. You can create your own Tenant or use predefined one.

  1. Under admin user: Kibana --> Tenants --> Global --> Select
  2. Now, create all required objects, like Index Patterns, Searches, Visualisations and Dashboards and they will be stored in Global Tenant.
  3. Under regular user, switch to the Global Tenant and you will see the same data.

More information can be found here:

  1. Kibana multi-tenancy
  2. Set up Multi-Tenant Kibana Access in Open Distro for Elasticsearch

Thank you so much @stmx38 . It worked .

Best regards
Saravana S

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Expanding on this…

Opendistro defaults users into their “private” tenant. Unfortunately, there is no indication in the UI as to what tenant you are working in so users don’t realize this. Any index patterns, visualizations, etc. are only visible within the tenant they are created in. And each user’s “private” tenant is only accessible by that user.

Thank you for the explanation @drock.