User guide / manual format

Hello, opensearch has been something I had been intermittently trying to get working for several years. Until recently, I had not been able, despite hundreds of attempts, to get it running.
With the latest Windows version (latest to me - not to openesearch), I have been able to get the server up and running but I still have not had a lot of luck. I am not a coder. I have numerous years of experience with Linux, Windows, and have done some coding - but i am by no means qualified to code at this applications level.

I am trying to get opensearch to index approximately 40K PDF and DJVU files. So that when I type in a term or boolean search string, I can not only find the documents most relevant, but also build a word cloud based off of that search. I also have other data sets that are more quantitative in nature, which I feel opensearch will help me parse and build tables and charts from.

I installed opensearch and opensearch dashboards. Following the documentation, I have completed the tests and came back with results according to the documentation, after launching with opensearch-windows-install.bat and opensearch-dashboards.bat.

  1. Is there a pdf version of the manual / guide? Or a button to make a same document pdf version?
  2. I am having some problems - opensearch-cli, Its asking something about JAVA_TYPE… this error resulted after I defined the environment variables: OPENSEARCH_JAVA_HOME D:\opensearch-2.11.1\jdk AND JAVA_HOME C:\Program Files\Java\jre-1.8\bin < in the WIN11 Environment variables.
  3. My plan is to index a directory full of documents with subfolders that have niche documents containing quantitative values (for the charting capabilities in Opensearch w/dashboards). Am I using the right tool for the job?

I had no idea this was so complex but the potential is amazing.

I am not sure if I am supposed to include the ‘best’ way to get ahold of me or not… I am new to this as I had stopped using computers as forums were making their mainstream debut… Oh crap - did I just date myself? If someone has the time to walk me through setting this up through email or possibly one or two chat sessions - I would be grateful and in their debt. MB