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Blog post with additional information:

Introducing the OpenSearch Assistant toolkit

Demonstrating the OpenSearch Assistant toolkit

We welcome you to try it out by simply logging in to OpenSearch Playground and asking questions.

I followed the documentation from here. Got the good insight that we are using the embedding and LLM models to do RAG, but where it is written for the

> Natural Language to PPL to Document Response.

` This is no documentation in this.
How do i convert Natural language input to PPL and then to response?

I followed this link as well

Please help me with that?

You would need to to use the logs explorer page to try the PPL generation and summarization. To get there, in OpenSearch Dashboards, go to the Logs page under the Observability section. Then click on Event Explorer button to get to the logs explorer page.

You can also try calling the dashboard apis for summarization and PPL generation that are listed here.

hi @ashisagr-amzn , thanks for the inputs.
But do we have any API documentation for this, so that i can try this out. Can i build a app using this?

Ram Da

hi @ramda, if you want to build an app, i would recommend to wait for ml-commons agent framework release in 2.12. There is a PPL Tool for it and documentation will be ready by release

The current API in OSD is not stable and will be removed soon. if you want to try you should be able to run something like this using httpie

https -a='user:pass' localhost:5601/api/assistant/generate_ppl osd-xsrf:1 index=opensearch_dashboards_sample_data_flights question='what are the longest flights in the past day'